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Faculty of Pharmacy, DIT University, Makkawala P.O. Bhagwantpur, Dehradun, India, 248009


Ocuserts or ophthalmic inserts are “Sterile preparation in the form of solid or semisolid, whose size and shape are specially designed to be applied to the eyes”. The most frequently used dosage forms (ophthalmic solutions and suspensions) are compromised in their effectiveness by several limitations, leading to poor ocular bioavailability. By utilization of the principles of the controlled release as embodied by ocular inserts offers an irritable approach to the problem of prolonging pre-corneal drug residence times. The controlled ocular drug delivery systems increased the efficiency of the drug by enhancing absorption increasing contact time of drug and by reducing drug wastage to the absorption site. Ocuserts were prepared using the solvent casting method. The article discusses about the various structure of the eye, its anatomy with an explanatory diagram. Also, various mechanisms of drug diffusion into an eye with special attention to biological/clinical performances, and potential applications and developments were discussed

Graphical Abstract

Novel approaches of treatment via ocusert drug delivery


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