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Department of Chemistry, K.L.E. society's P. C. Jabin Science College (Autonomous) Vidyanagar, Hubballi-580031


This research article explores the results of the ion-solvent interaction with the aid of electrical conductivity law of benzoic acid in triple distilled water and different amounts of methanol at 293 K, 303 K, 313 K, and 323 K. The specific conductance obtained from the conductivity meter was examined using Shedlovsky and Kraus-Bray plots. The limiting molar conductance ) values obtained using the Shedlovsky and Kraus-Bray models.  values obtained from theShedlovsky and Kraus-Bray models were found to be in good agreement with each other. The association constant (Ka) values obtained from the Shedlovsky plots, whereas dissociation constant (Kd) values obtained from the Kraus-Bray plots. The thermodynamic parameters such as activation energy (Ea), free energy of adsorption (∆Ga), adsorption enthalpy (∆Ha) and adsorption entropy (∆Sa) values are evaluated in order to study the nature of ion-solvent interaction. The negative ∆Ga values showed the spontaneous ion-pair association process

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Conductometric study on the benzoic acid in water+methanol systems at different solution temperatures


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