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Department of Food and Nutrition, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University (A Central University), Lucknow-226025, U.P, India


Particle encapsulation is a standard process within the food industry that consists of encapsulating particles within a protective layer, to shield a sensitive ingredient or nucleus from adverse reactions. This consists of encapsulating small particle cores within a protective wall this protective layer may preserve the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties of the products also on improve the palatability of volatile odorous ingredients. Encapsulation of flavors and aromas may be a rapidly expanding process within the food industry. Many aroma compounds must to be converted into solid products before its use as flavouring agents. Nano and microencapsulation technology is very promising area in food industry, which can have an excellent impact on a many category of products including functional foods, packaging, preservatives, antioxidants, flavors and fragrances. Finally, a number of the main challenges within the design and fabrication of nanocapsules & its application in food sector and characterization are highlighted.

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A review: Application and production of nanoencapsulation in the food sector


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