Author = Oluwatobi Omotola, Amusan
1. Synthesis and characterization of CaO catalyst obtained from achatina achatina and its application in biodiesel production

Volume 2, Issue 3, pp. 257-366, Summer 2019, Page 271-277


Oluwatobi O. Amusan; Hitler Louis; Adejoke T. Hamzat; Amusan Oluwatobi Omotola; Oluwatomisin Oyebanji; Ayodeji T. Alagbe; Thomas O. Magu

2. Polymer-based Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Structure, Material Engineering, Device Performance and Challenges (Review)

Volume 2, Issue 1, pp. 1-119, Winter 2019, Page 1-26


Salami Mutiah; Hitler Louis; Amusan Oluwatobi Omotola; Saud Uz Zafar; Thomas O. Magu; Adejoke T. Hamzat; Amos I. Pigweh; Ozioma U. Akakuru; Aderemi T Adeleye; Benedict Iserom Ita